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The Effects of the Hammam to the Health

Turkish baths are spacious and bright places.

However, the use of continuous hot water and the ambient temperature of 35-45 centigrade degrees create an environment of high humidity. This ambient raises the body temperature and activates all the organs such as expending a great energy. This change is very useful for the human body.

Rubbing the body by the bath glove (after staying at the high-humidity environment for a long time), accelerates the skin renewal by removing the dead skin cells on the ectoderm. This process keeps the skin fresh. Doctors have been explaining the positive effects of sweating on the human health for centuries. Sweating is as important as the breathing for the body. A person sweats in the historical Turkish bath approximately 1,5 liters within 15 minutes. Sweating to this extent helps the kidneys. Toxins constitute the ten percent of the sweat thrown in this way.

Sweating in the Turkish hammam opens the pores of the skin. Therefore it is frequently used in the treatment of cellulite. In addition, this method is good for arthritis and many other diseases. It speeds up the heart beat and blood circulation and so the organism is cleared. To go to the hammam can be risky for the cardiac patients and the people with blood pressure problems. These people should consult a doctor before going to the hammam.

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